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Thursday, September 29, 2011

CAPTAIN AMERICA #435 (1994) "Fighting Chance" Pt. 11

• CAPTAIN AMERICA #435 "Snake, Battle, and Toll"
• PRICE: S$5
• PLOT SUMMARY: Fighting Chance Part 11 of 12. Script by Mark Gruenwald. Pencils by Dave Hoover. Inks by Danny Bulanadi. Snakes are everywhere in Scottsdale! Jack Flag successfully infiltrates the Serpent Society and earns the trust of the Cobra! And once Jack gives Cap the society's secret location in Arizona, he thinks his plan to defeat the society will work! However the young superhero doesn't know…that he's getting a severely weakened shield-slinger and a novice Free Spirit as his reinforcements! And also that the Cobra has invited Mister Hyde to the party! So the sides are set in Scottsdale: Captain America, Free Spirit, and Jack Flag vs. the Cobra, Mister Hyde, Coachwhip, and a septet of serpents! Good luck to the red, white, and blue! Cameo appearances by Giant-Man (aka Hank Pym) and Zack Moonhunter.
• Cover art by Dave Hoover
Note: Selling as a set of #425 ~ 436

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