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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

THE AVENGERS #286 (1987) "The Fix is On!" Part 1 of 5

• PRICE: S$6
• PLOT SUMMARY: After the epic encounter in Olympus, Earth's Mightiest Heroes enjoy rest and relaxation on Hydro-Base. And while they do, Doctor Druid takes time to eavesdrop on his teammates' whereabouts. Is Doctor Druid's monitoring of his fellow avengers a warning sign of future trouble? In the meantime a call for help comes in from the heartland of America! The Avengers plus Marrina fly to Ohio to check on the Mad Thinker's awesome android that has stood inactive for a long time. However the big gray android is active now! And apparently working for the Fixer! The Mad Thinker's featureless and pudgy creation has battled the Fantastic Four to a standstill in the past! How will the Avengers fare against the rambunctious robot?
Script by Ralph Macchio. Art by John Buscema and Tom Palmer. Cover art by John Buscema.
 Notes: The Mad Thinker's awesome android previously appeared in Captain America #311. This issue began a difficult stretch for the Avengers series as many of the fan-favorite characters were either starring in the West Coast Avengers series or absent from the east coast lineup due to major events in their own titles. This issue includes a full-page ad for the Fall of the Mutants storyline in the X-Titles.

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