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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

THE AVENGERS #278 (1987)

• THE AVENGERS #278 "Pressure"
• PRICE: S$6
• PLOT SUMMARY: Script by Roger Stern. Art by John Buscema and Tom Palmer. The colossal confrontation with the Masters of Evil is over. The Avengers have won, but the losses are staggering. Avengers Mansion, the team's home since day one, has been destroyed. Hercules remains in a coma and Jarvis is slowly recovering from his injuries in the hospital. In the meantime the Black Knight and Doctor Druid relocate to Hydro-Base for combat training while the mansion is closed. However, their training session is dramatically interrupted by Tyrak! The giant Atlantean is still tough, so Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, and the Wasp join the fight too! After the battle Janet Van Dyne realizes that she's ready for a vacation and resigns as chairwoman. So once again the old order changeth!
• Cover art by John Buscema

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