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Saturday, September 11, 2010

DC ONE MILLION 80-PAGE GIANT #1,000,000 (1999)

• PRICE: S$15
• PLOT SUMMARY: Written by GRANT MORRISON, CHUCK DIXON, MARK MILLAR and Various writers; Art by DUSTY ABELL, MIKE WIERINGO, NORM BREYFOGLE and Various artists. Return to the world of the 853rd century in an exciting one-shot! Worlds collide in "Crisis One Million" (written by Grant Morrison with art by Dusty Abell and Jim Royal), as Justice Legion A meets its Qwardian counterparts, rally the Simian Universe, and find hope in the past!
Plus: The future's Superman and Batman team up for the first time in "System's Finest" (written by Mark Millar with art by Mike Wieringo and Richard Case); Superboy and Impulse try to help repair the damaged Toy Wonder (written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Drew Johnson and Rich Faber); and the Legion of Executive Familiars – a team of super-hero animals – looks for new recruits (written by Mark Schultz with art by Georges Jeanty and Dexter Vines). Also: The future's Aquaman explores his realm (written by Ian Edginton with art by Flint Henry); Superman and Resurrection Man join forces (written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning with art by Norm Breyfogle); and a new Atom makes his startling debut (written by Morrison, with art by Cully Hammer). This issue also features a stunning 2-page pinup by Phil Jimenez. Cover art by Val Semeiks.

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