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Saturday, June 2, 2012

LONE WOLF 2100 #1-11(2002) Mini-Series Complete

• LONE WOLF 2100 #1-11
• PRICE: S$50
• PLOT SUMMARY: Written by Mike Kennedy. It's a hundred years from now and the world is coming apart. A deadly man-made virus known as the "War Spore" is spreading, the debilitating effects felt by man and android alike. Whole populations have become refugees; barred at every border. Human-like android emulation constructs called EmCons, suspected of intentionally releasing the virus, are in revolt. Only a few places on earth remain safe havens from the Spore... Hiding among the displaced hordes are a man named Itto and a young girl, Daisy. She is the daughter of a renowned scientist who was working on a cure for the virus. He was her father's bodyguard, but now his accused murderer.
They're on the run from the operatives of the Cygnat Owari Corporation, men ? and machines ? who will stop at nothing to kill the man and retrieve the girl. Whether Daisy is an infectious carrier of the virus, as the corporation claims, or something more, as Itto believes, escape is but the first step on their journey, the final destination of which is vengeance... Part homage, and partly a re-imagining of the original Lone Wolf and Cub manga, this special project is being done in association with MegaHouse (the authorized licensors of Lone Wolf and Cub), and under the watchful eye of Kazuo Koike, the writer and co-creator of Lone Wolf and Cub.
• Cover art by Francisco Ruiz Velasco

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