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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GUY GARDNER: WARRIOR #24 (1994) "Zero Hour" Tie-In

• GUY GARDNER: WARRIOR #24 "Killing Time!"
• PRICE: S$6
• PLOT SUMMARY: Warrior's new powers kick in just in time for ZERO HOUR. Guy Gardner is joined by Steel, Supergirl and Batgirl as they go to explore the strange anomaly that has appeared over the former site of Coast City. They are soon caught in the chronal chaos of Extant. He time-leaps them from the Stone Age to the Old West to the Silver Age, where they encounter a young Hal Jordan - one that can still be saved from his terrible future. Warrior is also taken to the day Coast City was destroyed during 'Reign of the Supermen' to see the woman he was once going to marry die! Written by Beau Smith, with art by Mitch Byrd, Phil Jimenez, Howard Porter, Mike Parobeck, Jackson Guice and Dan Davis.
• Cover art by Mitch Byrd

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