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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

G.I. JOE, A Real American Hero #61 (1987)

• G.I. JOE #61 "Beginnings...and ENDINGS"
• PRICE: S$8
• PLOT SUMMARY: Stalker, Snow Job, Outback, and Quick Kick are sent into Borovia to rescue a newsman accused of spying for the U.S., and the attempt is failed when during the mission they learn he was released in a spy exchange. As they attempt their own escape, Outback is told by Stalker to escape as the others are wounded and Spigou (their contact) is dead, so their story can be relayed back. Meanwhile, the Commander has decided to quit Cobra so he can give himself and Billy a better life, and is shot by Fred as vengeance for all that Fred sacrificed to be part of Cobra. Finally, Hawk has sent word there will be no rescue for the Joes in Borovia.
• Cover art by Mike Zeck

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