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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

G.I. JOE, A Real American Hero #58 (1987)

• G.I. JOE #58 "Desperate Moves"
• PRICE: S$6
• PLOT SUMMARY: Cobra Commander seeks out a Guardsman (Fred VII) to make Billy whole again once he awakens from his coma, and in the process gains a new set of battle armor from Fred. Meanwhile, Dusty and Mainframe are in the Middle East to gain information about the Terror-Dromes from an active one in Colonel Sharif's control, which they are able to give to the Joes via plans (gained last issue) that contain codewords needed to download the information about them back to the Joes. Billy regains consciousness, but is amnesiac from his injuries.
• Cover art by Mike Zeck

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