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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

G.I. JOE, A Real American Hero #55 (1987)

• G.I. JOE #55 "Unmasking"
• PRICE: S$6
• PLOT SUMMARY: Grunt and Clutch face the ultimate test when they are forced to face life without G.I. Joe. A small group of Joes infiltrate the Terror-Drome to rescue Snake-Eyes, and Stalker is wounded in the attempt, so Snake-Eyes stays behind to cover their escape. Destro and Cobra Commander escape The Pit, man disguises and go cruising, and the Commander finds his son, Billy, (severely injured from issue #43), after a sheriff recognizes him from a photo Billy had on his person as his dad even in disguise. Grunt leaves the Joes after his tour of duty is up with them.
• Cover art by Mike Zeck

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