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Monday, August 31, 2009

DOCTOR FATE #1 (1988)

• PRICE: S$5
• PLOT SUMMARY: Who is the new Doctor Fate? You witnessed the death of the original Dr. Fate and the birth of his new incarnation in the 1987 mini-series, but many questions were left unanswered...until now. Possessed by two separate, distinct personalities - that of a young boy and an older woman - Dr. Fate must learn to cope with the conflicting
feelings within his mystical persona. In addition, his household has run amok, pitting Fate against more than average domestic problems. They are situations he had best learn to deal with fast as the war between the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos escalates, with Fate caught in the middle. DOCTOR FATE is an ongoing monthly series in the New Format, written by J.M. DeMatteis (writer of the 1987 Dr. Fate mini-series), and features the art of Shawn McManus and Mark McKenna.
• Cover art by Shawn McManus

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